But i love him and yeah i get jealous sometimes

First time in a loooooong time

texting is strictly for co ordination of plans, “im on my way” , “what’s the address, i’m close” and things like that. conversation is for in person and over the phone. i would never put up with a full on texting conversation, who has time for that? if you are serious about a person pick up the phone or meet in person, texting is very impersonal and should be used to conduct business/co ordinate plans only, i don’t want someones story of their day via text, no thank you.

It’s good for our relationship though

I don’t really freak out when my boyfriend doesn’t respond for an hour or hours because i trust him. Now if he isn’t texting or calling for 5 hours or more I get worried. Is he ok? Did something happen? We have been together for two years and I’m comfortable enough to trust what he says. He’s away on vacation with his friends. It’s nerve wracking. So use to sleeping together every night. Space is key

This article must’ve been written by a feminized male who is expecting the woman to assume the masculine position.Jesus man, your suggestions to women of what they should text a guy are things the man should be saying to a woman.If anything,given the fact that men are logic and reason based and require specifics, the women should be texting them and letting the guy know that she thinks he’s hot, attractive, or whatever she feels, and that she’d like him to ask her out or take her out. The mere fact that your examples are leaving the women with the power of the decision making shows me that you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about and now you’re steering a lot of women in the wrong direction.

well i get mad over my bf whenever he doesnt texting me back in an hour…except if i know he is at work and busy with work…but yeah i kinda trip with that…lately he says to me he doesnt text me back if it is at night cause he fall asleep but in my mind he is just flirting or texting other woman thas why he has no time for me…i guess im doing it all wrong…:-( he said to me he hates when a woman is suspicious of him! …!

So what do you think is the issue is if the guy initiates the convo but after you respond, he takes a long time/(doesn’t text back for hours) to reply?

he probably read an article like this telling him not to be “needy” because responding to quick shows desperation, articles written for men say the same as this article, he probably is trying not to seem desperate cuz e thing to him. I am not like that instinctively, I will respond quickly because I feel its respectful, but when I see a girl takes her time to respond, I feel I matter little to that girl, and after being pissed off at the fact that she is immature about it to a degree, I say ill take my time too. Its a bad cycle tho because then people will try to out wait each other and say less and less, then can you blame anyone for losing interest? if there is no interaction then you can’t be attracted, this articles advice is wrong, These articles are making people over think stuff, to be honest, if he replies thats a good thing, unless he is insecure and just wants attention, I mean if you guys are hanging out, then theres your sign, but idk me personally , I don’t want to make someone wait forever because I don’t want them to feel unimportant, if you guys chill and are fine then just accept that he is that way unfortunately and be prepared for it to go sour and know that its okay. BTW I’m no the guy who wrote this article I’m another nick.