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The growth of student loan in India is quite phenomenal

The undergraduate university students in Bangladesh are fortunate. The tuition costs in the best public universities are such that even the low-income families can afford the average tuition costs without much hardship. In the developed countries, the university students endure significant financial stress as the tuition costs can rack up to several thousands of dollars per year. However, financial assistances and scholarships are available from the governments and universities for high achieving students. Generally, in many developed countries like Australia, loans are available for undergraduate students to support the high tuition costs with conditions that the loans will be paid off as extra income taxes once the students find suitable employment. Unfortunately, such financial assistances are not available for postgraduate students, except those in postgraduate research degrees. Usually, students enrol in postgraduate degrees in full time or part time mode once they are able to support the high tuition costs of university postgraduate degrees through ongoing income or through the savings made from past income.

Those high achieving university students in Bangladesh who wish to further their knowledge and skills through Masters or PhD degree in research are not always lucky, since the research capabilities are limited in Bangladesh. These students look for opportunities of studying abroad in the prestigious universities of USA, UK, Australia or other European countries. Many students also search for non-research degrees in areas such as engineering, IT, business, health, science, social science etc. (más…)