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You will find a student-based loan out of 1984 that i defaulted towards

Ways to get from student loan debt

Question: I am 72 years old and have been paying through a deduction in my Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. My annual income is only $11,000. It is becoming hard to decide whether to pay the loan or buy food and medications. After 37 years, is there some way to cancel or forgive this loan?

Answer: It’s no doubt distressing to face decades of student loan payments, and feel you still haven’t made enough progress, but pros say there are things you can do. The first thing to know is that you likely shouldn’t be having your loan payments deducted from your Social Security right now. Indeed, the government has stopped seizing tax refunds or garnishing wages until six months after the payment pause lifts (it’s now scheduled to lift August 31). As such, Leslie Tayne, founder and managing director of Tayne Law Group, says, “I would absolutely contact the servicer and find out what’s going on.” (Note that while today’s low student loan refinancing rates may be tempting, those with federal loans likely do perhaps not want to refi because it strips you of federal protections; however readers with private student loans may want to refinance – see the lowest student loan refi rates you might qualify for here.)

So there are other avenues to pursue in order to safer a better traction on the beginner obligations, also – instance applying for a living-created commission plan and you may getting a prospective settlement.

Income-motivated fees arrangements to own government student education loans

“My personal optimistic expectation out-of training its real question is that debtor is not already inside the default with the financing,” says Andrew Pentis, fund pro and you can authoritative student loan specialist in the StudentLoanHero. (más…)


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