Harvey likes her and you can trusts the woman certainly

But not, she actually is a good confidante and you may good anybody individual, that enables this lady to keep relationships with others that Harvey do not

Donna is a superb networker and you will is actually “tied-in” with the rumors and you will lower than-stomach activities out-of Pearson Hardman. The lady system was detailed and you may runs compliment of a lot of New york City. Consequently, datingranking.net/local-hookup/modesto/ Donna is considered quite warily because of the partners and lovers equivalent. She is public, fun, amusing, and you may pleasant, and people delight in getting together with the woman.

Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter was Donna’s longtime employer and you can good friend. Each other believe each other implicitly. They very first found during the Area Attorney’s workplace, in which Harvey are Assistant Region Lawyer (ADA) and you can she try his assistant; they’ve been a team since that time. Shortly after working for couple of years in the DA’s workplace, Harvey grabbed Donna with him to help you Pearson Hardman.

The 2 are very close. He relies upon the girl and views the girl as essential in order to his being. As he advised Jessica within the “All in,” Donna is irreplaceable. Donna, subsequently, adores Harvey which is extremely faithful in order to your, to the stage in which she’d need a bullet to have him. Both often have a look at both as two halves on the exact same entire, and you may Donna has actually put Harvey first of all other relationships more than after. They take higher pleasure from inside the for each other’s organization and luxuriate in their jokes and you will spoken sparring. (He’s an effective pre-demo routine connected with a can-opener and you may thumbtacks.) Historically, he’s arranged an ease of comfort located simply ranging from best members of the family, and are generally decent on discovering others. No-one understands Harvey better than Donna, and although Harvey basically is likely to keep his attitude next to the fresh new bust, he’s much more unlock and you may vulnerable along with her than just they are which have anyone else. She actually is privy to all the information on his individual life–she knows about Harvey’s mommy and you will sibling, which can be attracted to Harvey’s dad. (This woman is along with the individual that advised Harvey out of their dad’s death.) Donna is even mostly of the some body whose advice Harvey viewpoints, in which he pays attention very carefully so you’re able to anything she informs him, even when he does not usually recognize they at the time. Whenever distressed, Harvey either moves back up on creating the latest manager-employee boundary–a barrier Donna makes sense sufficient to know when to forget about, accepting it into the psychologically distancing strategy that it is. She is likely the only person ready staying their irresponsible inclinations under control. Harvey, at the same time, is just as good at understanding Donna, and though Harvey isn’t important for the new technicians regarding Donna’s existence, she is situated greatly through to his unswerving commitment, determination, and mental support. Even after becoming protective off their confidentiality, Harvey has actually assist Donna’s moms and dads remain at his condominium just before (just after she cried phony tears–a well known fact the guy merely discovers later on), and you will Donna has the free the answer to their condominium.

Donna is a gold mine of information having Harvey and you may pays attention in to the their conversations within his work environment (some thing Harvey doesn’t dissuade, because he will leave their intercom towards the for her). The woman is advanced level from the wanting his needs, and requires high pleasure in-being capable bring Harvey having just what the guy needs without your requesting they. She feedback her work as to manage or take proper care of your, and can go to people lengths to accomplish this. It was first demonstrated during the “Guidelines of your Online game”, where she gets Jessica incriminating facts facing Cameron Dennis shortly after Dennis threatens Harvey, and once again for the “Split Part”, when she shreds an enthusiastic incriminating memo that she worries often implicate him into the a lawsuit.