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It’s unlikely you’ll end up in court or formally charged in other states for sexting from your home state

Dear John: First, we’re glad to see your comment about never doing this again. You’ll be thankful if you don’t. Posts have a way of re-appearing in the future when it’s least expected. It will ruin your day. Of course, it depends on the severity of your act and the laws in both states. Good luck. (This is information only – not legal advice).

If you are charged with sexting, discuss the possible penalties with a lawyer

I have a question if I sexted let’s say maybe 10 other minors in different states would I get in trouble in there state and face charges in there state or only New York because that’s where I live I’m also a minor and would be my first offense and if I got caught sexting other minors in other states will they get in trouble too or only me Dear Aidan: Every state has specific laws about sexting. They aren’t all the same – they differ as to what’s illegal and what the penalties are if the laws are broken. So, you have to look at New York’s laws about sexting to see what applies where you live. You can do the same about the other states where you sent sext messages. Think twice about doing this again because it could easily have an effect on your future. (This is information only – not legal advice).

Hello your honor I have sexted other people from other states I feel ashamed by it and I’m sorry but my question is i live In New York and it says both parties have to take classes does that mean I’m not eligible for diversion because there from different states and it would be my first offense does that mean I can go to jail for it

Google “New York sexting laws” for information

Dear Aidan: What may happen in your case depends entirely on the specific laws in New York. As a first offense, you could be eligible for a diversion program. Sexting with someone in another state wouldn’t automatically disqualify you from diversion, depending on the applicable laws. We suggest you refrain from any & all sexting since you don’t know where your sexts will end up, or how they may affect your future as far as employment, education, or military service. Good luck. (This is information only – not legal advice).

It’s possible that no criminal best free hookup apps Cincinnati charges will be filed against you. If they are, discuss your personal history with your lawyer and you may be offered diversion. You can’t change history, but you can manage your future with calm deliberation, patience and wisdom. Talk with your parents or other adult you trust about this. (This is information only – not legal advice).

Can I only go in a diversion program if the people are from the same state or can I still do it if there all from different states Dear Aidan: Diversion may be completed in one state for offenses in another, but it’s entirely up to the courts and law enforcement agencies involved. (This is information only – not legal advice).

Hello your honor first off ide like to thank you for what you did for the past 23 years and my question is in ny if let’s say sexted 6 other people from other states would I still be eligible for the diversion program or is there no chance and I’m going to juvi it would be my first time going to court I am 14