The purple-haired people discloses his grasp plan that has been to hypnotize Ami to love your

Whilst in cover, Geo triggers one of many brand new performance for his EXE Blade, makes it possible for it to be made use of as a rifle

The two posses a flame fight while Geo bombards their ways towards the ruins. Following individual have also near for comfort, Savien retreats inside temple, with Geo in pursuit. The bodyguard sooner meets the sly Teoran once more and the two duel it. In no time, the battle brings so deep in to the temple, they unearth two old grappling hands’s and, because entrance into the chamber gets impractical to reach, both stop their particular dispute to grab the artifacts. This leads to a massive guardian (bull) contraption to appear and throw the duo from the damages entirely.

Geo rapidly darts to the train so that they can quit whatever sinful program she plotted to-do

Geo swiftly recovers from their crash-landing only to discover Savien’s blade in front of his face. That, consequently, will make him the prince of Gwain. To help this to occur however, Savien necessary Geo out from the picture. Therefore, the guy delivered Geo on a quest by himself in order to have the princess all to himself. After his lengthy monologue, Savien attempts to hit on bodyguard, just for Deva to step-in and save the day. This can be used with a disagreement between Savien and Deva over exactly why Savien done the plan, with Ami joining in. Although the three Teorans become quarreling with each other, Geo out of the blue was informed of Luna being on a passing traveler train.

Geo cautiously ways his old opponent, even after photos from her Noisy Handgun set off which in fact had everybody else regarding train evacuate towards latest automobile. In no time, Geo, with a strange new polo ensemble on, finds themselves face-to-face with his in a similar way themed challenger above a train vehicle. Luna directs a taunting greeting with the bodyguard, however, she brings up the truth of Geo getting real human as a result of your spilling blood at Electra’s party. After shocking Geo, she reveals her crooked land of destroying the practice to market the business that went it a fresh one. Before Geo reaches work out how exactly she’ll execute the lady dastardly land, the devious genius teleports to the engine regarding the practice, making Geo to trek his method to the locomotive, are hounded of the Bull Scorpion Sand group together with his approach.

Geo eventually will make it to in which Luna stall the woman floor. Regrettably for him, Luna doesn’t make use of phrase to unfold their strategies for the girl wicked concept. As an alternative, she blows in the oncoming link, responding to Geo’s matter. Prior to the heinous researcher can go any more into taunting the young character, Ami all of a sudden renders the girl position known by shouting from a window of a nearby train vehicle. Both Luna and Geo are distraught by this and, before Luna could work from the unexpected disaster, another surprise appearance comes into the image, that becoming Savien’s, and Luna try shot down from the practice. Geo, now with no additional i, renders a desperate make an effort to quit the runaway engine by jumping before it, and finally, taking upon it through the caboose along with his improved power. Even with Geo’s newfound perseverance, it is too late. The practice plummets inside ravine, with Ami therefore near to are saved. Geo incredibly harmed both physically and emotionally, lays regarding edge of the cliff in embarrassment. Thank goodness for him, however, Savien conserves the day by delivering Ami to safety with his grappling hands through the dusty depths. The princess, once attaining solid floor, hugs the distraught bodyguard with brimming feeling about how he previously very nearly murdered himself to save lots of the lady lifetime, instead of working out and concealing through the queen’s wrath. Afterwards, Deva, Savien, Geo, and Ami most make long ago with the watchtower, with Ami and Geo both napping collectively, healing themselves, and Deva and Savien lookin on.